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Counseling & Psychotherapy - Madison WI

Welcome to Psychology Associates of Madison's information page so that you can get to know the differences & similarities between Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Many time the words Counseling & Psychotherapy are synonymous. Mental Health Counseling is pretty much the same as Psychotherapy, which is deeper psychological work. Sometimes Counselors are counseling a person on finances, or career options. This type of counseling is not psychotherapy. Here at Psychology Associates of Madison, all of our therapists are Psychotherapists, fully trained to do the deeper psychological therapy work that is indicative of psychotherapy type of counseling. We have Master's Degree level psychotherapists that are either LCSWs (Licensed Clinical Social Workers), or LPCs (Licensed Professional Counselors), and we also have Licensed Psychologists at our clinic.

Please go to our THERAPISTS PAGE to find a list of our highly trained Psychotherapists who do mental health counseling at Psychology Associates of Madison.  

Our cousellors have been trained in many models of counselling, and we are confident you can find someone at our mental health clinic that is an expert therapist, and tenured counselor. In the field of mental health counseling, you can also find a therapist that is a psychotherapist, as well as a licensed professional counselor, or LPC. Then you might find a counselor that is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or LCSW, and the is someone that could as well be a psychotherapist, and mental health counsellor.

Counselling, as you see, can be many things. The main issue is that if you need a more depth approach, for deeper issues or a mental health diagnosis, then you you need a counsellor that is also a psychotherapist, and most often that is going to mean, and licensed professional counselor (LPC), a licensed clinicial social worker (LCSW), or a Clinical Psychologist.

At our clinic here in Madison WI, we are all Licensed with the State of Wisconsin. We welcome you inquiry and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about counseling, or about any particular counselor.  

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