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Counseling Madison WI

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Psychology Associates of Madison is a place where you can find a counsellor that can help you with your mental health needs, with life transitions counseling, as well as career counseling, and mental health counseling. The training of our therapists ranges from the master's degree level, whereby we have several Licensed Professional Counselors, and one Licensed Clinical Social Worker. At the Doctorate level we have on Licensed Professional Counselor who also has a PhD, one Psychologist with a PhD., and another Psychologist with a PsyD. Additionally, they have been trained to do trauma counseling, play therapy counseling, and expressive arts counseling. Action and Commitment is a type of counseling also offered in our clinic as well.

In our mental health clinic we can help you with a wide range of psychology issues if you need Counseling Madison WI. We can help with anxiety counseling, depression counseling, and other life issues. Your counsellor, also known as a psychotherapist, will take the time to deliver caring psychotherapy.

As you search for the right psychotherapist we are glad to give you a free phone consult so that you can get your questions answered and make it clear, the distinctions between counselors, therapists, psychotherapists, and psychologists. We welcome your call.

There are many toes of counselors available in the field of mental health counseling. Here are just a few that we provide at Psychology Associates of Madison. If you are looking to Find a Counselor, Find a Psychotherapist, or Find a Therapist, we offer the following therapy counselors here at our Mental health Clinic here in Madison WI to assist you to Find a Counsellor:

Depression Counseling, Anxiety Counseling, Depression Counsellor, Depression Psychotherapist, Depression Counselor, Depression Therapist, Anxiety Counsellor, Anxiety Counselor, Anxiety Therapist, Anxiety Psychotherapist, Mental Health Counseling, that have been trained specifically in the following.

IFS Counseling, Jungian Counseling, EMDR Counseling, Brainspotting Counseling, nature assisted counseling, trauma counseling, whole persons counseling, acceptance and commitment counseling, and Child counseling.

If you have trauma or PTSD we can assist you in finding a trauma counselor, or an acceptance and commitment counselor, but it can also be useful to try an EMDR Counselor to meet your need for a Mental health counselor,.

If you are concerned about your relationship, domestic partnership or marriage, we offer counselors trained to as a marriage counselor as well as a couples counselor.

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