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Counseling - Weekend Appointments

Psychology Associates, LLP offers weekend appointments for mental health counseling, anxiety, depression family therapy, and many mental health, or behavioral health issues. We realized your week may be very full and you might need a weekend appointment. We are happy to help. Please contact Jason Magill, LMFT. 

If you are looking for an LGBTQ Counselor, LGBTQ Counsellor, LGBTQ Counsellng, LGBTQ Counseling, LGBTQ Therapist, or an LGBTQ Psychologist; here at Psychology Associates of Madison WI, we can help. We support those with LGBTQ Issues, LGBTQ, and will be an LGBTQ Ally in the process of your psychotherapy & counseling.

Our Therapists are LGBTQ Friendly and considered LGBTQ Friendly Counselors. Sometimes when looking for a LGBTQ Friendly Counsellor, LGBTQ Friendly Counsellng, LGBTQ Friendly Counseling, or LGBTQ Friendly Therapist, you might also come across an LGBTQ Friendly Psychologist. We are able to provide all of the above types of providers at our clinic.

If you at all prefer to spell the acronym as LGBT, we can also help you with LGBT Issues, and will be a respectful LGBT Ally. Again our counselors, who are LGBT Friendly, will provide you LGBT Friendly Counselor experiences, as well as an LGBT Counsellor that is right for your particular LGBT Issues. We would welcome your call to inquire about our LGBT Counsellng, LGBT Counseling, and help you find the right LGBT Therapist, LGBT Psychologist who is an LBGT Ally & LBGT Friendly.

For those that are Transgender, we also are trained to help with Transgender Issues, and our clinic takes a Transgender Ally perspective. We are known to be Transgender Friendly, and have Transgender Therapists on our staff, as well as a Transgender counsellor or, Transgender counselor. We can provide your mental health needs with Transgender counseling, a Transgender counselor, and Transgender Therapy to address your Transgender Issues. We also have a Transgender Psychologist. Whether is it our Transgender Counsellors or Transgender Psychologist, they can give Transgender Friendly Counselling, Transgender Friendly Counseling.

Our Transgender Friendly Therapists, will support you with dignity and you can fee safe that we are your LGBTQ+ Ally. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, over Sexual and/or Gender Identity issues, or Mental Health, we can help with our trained LGBTQ+ Friendly Counselors. We would like you to feel comfortable that the experience you have at our mental health clinic will be the kind of respectful LGBTQ+ Counseling that can support any issues of depression, anxiety, loss of family support, or rebuilding your life.    

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