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Counselor Madison WI

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At Psychology Associates we have highly trained Counselors, that are also Psychotherapist. Our therapists are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Nationally Certified Counselors (NCC) as well as Licensed Psychologists, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). There are letters after the names of counsellors, which sometimes be confusing, the ones listed above, LPC, NCC, and LCSW, are all credentials. When you see the letters PhD., that means the person you are seeing has also completed a doctorate degree, and they many times are a counselor who is also Licensed Psychologist, but not always. Sometimes they are a PhD. Therapist. A person can have a Phd. and be licensed as and LPC, or LCSW, without being a Licensed Psychologist. If you see a person who does counseling and they have the letters PsyD. after their name, they are a Doctor of Psychology, and most often there are a Licensed Psychologist. All of these designations are counselors, who do counseling, they are just licensed and credentialed differently.

It can be confusing. If your counselor has a master's degree, without any of these designated letters that denote credentials, most often they are not licensed in any way. You could also have a therapist or counselor who is a Psychologist and in that case they would have a doctoral degree. This would mean they are not mental health counselors, licensed to do profession psychotherapy or therapy with clients. They may refer to their services as coaching, or they may be a Life Coach. Another possibility is that they are a spiritual counselor doing spiritual counseling. But in these cases you would want to check to see if they have hd the proper truing to use those designations, and that all depends if they have had substantial Life Coach training, or if they are an ordained minister who can do spiritual counseling.

Counseling Options is such a big task and we take our work seriously to serve your mental health counseling needs in the best practices in the Counseling & Psychotherapy field. If you need Anxiety counseling we can help.

Here at our mental health clannish we offer several modalities of counseling. All are very effective counseling and quite good at daliing with issue of anxiety, depression, trauma, generational trauma, PTSD and traumatic stress, was well as mood disorders. And our counseling is appropriate for children, collage age adults, older adults as well and regular adults.

Action and Commitment Therapy is a model that helps a person find what they can do in their world instead of focusing on what looks like it is stuck. Internal Family Systems Therapy is really inner parts work and very good at unwinding and resolving trauma and compelled behaviors. Play Therapy is a way to interact with children in therapy and for the play therapist to get a sense of where a child is coming from on certain therapeutic issues when they can't always speak that for themselves. Psychodynamic work focuses on the depth of where we are and where we want to go.All of the models are very viable counseling methods and our counselors have many years of training and experience in counseling. Also, you could focus more on career counseling if need be, or we can provide a mental health counsellor for those needs as well.  

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