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Find A Therapist - Madison WI

Welcome to Psychology Associates of Madison, here in lovely Madison, Wisconsin. Please click on the button above to find a therapist at our mental health clinic.

Finding a therapist, or finding a psychologist, can be a big task sometimes. We offer Effective Psychotherapy, and hope that by reading about our professional therapists, you will find a counselor to help you with your psychotherapy goals.

Our therapist have been thoroughly trained in numerous, results-oriented psychology methods. Many of the modalities used are quite helpful and our practitioners would be able to be your anxiety therapist, as well as assist you with your depression treatment, or anxiety therapy. Finding an anxiety counselor or if you have depression, finding the right depression therapy is many times easier if you know and can trust that the therapy model being used is actually going to help and can be effective in overcoming depression, and/or anxiety.

Here you will find our qualified Psychotherapists, Psychologist, Psychology Specialist, Counselors, Marriage counselors, Therapists, and Family Therapists. We offer a free consult to help you determine if we might be a good counseling fit for you as your search to find a therapist in Madison WI continues. This way, you can really determine if it is a good fit with the therapist, and so we can understand your psychology needs and goals.

Are you interested in finding an IFS Therapist, or a Child Therapist. We have qualified individuals at our clinic in these areas as well as an Action and Commitment Therapist, a Marriage and Family Therapist, one Nature-Assisted Therapist, an EMDR Therapist, and a Brainspotting Therapist. Our psychotherapists have a wide rage of therapeutic models that they work from to help you resolve your issues and accomplish your mental health goals.

We are hoping you will find a depression therapist or a anxiety therapist here in our clinic. Either way we feel confident that you will find the best therapist in Madison WI. Our counselors do the type of counseling that is in depth and really considered psychotherapy. In the Mental Health field this work in more depth based and we love serving you in this way. In the Counseling field we are the type of co counsellors that can help you. 

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