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Jennifer Campbell, Psy.D., 
Licensed Psychologist

Insurance Accepted:

● The Alliance

● Unity/Quartz

● Blue Cross Blue Shield

   and GHC. 

Years in Practice: 23


Ages: Lifespan, ages 3 to older adult

Accept all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religious/spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs




Trauma: recent, childhood, single, and complex

Emotional/Physical/Sexual abuse

Emotional Neglect

Relationship Issues

Parenting Challenges

Behavioral Challenges with Children/Adolescents

Play Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Family Therapy



Jennifer Campbell, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist

I have been in practice for twenty years and over that time, have strived to develop a deep understanding of how people tick, why they tick the way they do, and how to help them change. I try to bring emotional presence, warmth, and even playfulness to each session as a springboard for insight, self-compassion, hope, and greater fulfillment in the lives of my clients. I believe that for anyone to develop better self-understanding, and make meaningful change, it’s critical that they truly “feel felt” by others. I work to build that kind of therapeutic relationship, one grounded in attuned listening, empathy, and over the course of time, trust. Above all, I value curiosity and I take a genuine interest in each person's unique life circumstances, inner experiences, and value systems as a means to understanding them as a whole person. In doing so, I also hope to cultivate curiosity in my clients about the way their own experiences may influence their struggles, their strengths, and their goals for the future.

I have a specialty in child psychology, but I have spent my career working with all age ranges, including children as young as three and adults as old as ninety. I love the variety this work brings to my day, and it has given me a thorough understanding of developmental growth and transitions of life. As a means of cultivating hope for children/adolescents enduring adversity, I find it valuable to draw on my work with adults who have been resilient to and even found meaning from their own suffering. By the same token, I think it equally as valuable to see each adult through the lens of their own childhood vulnerability to help make sense of their pain, destructive patterns, self-concept, and/or relationships problems.

In general, I am a client-centered therapist with a psychodynamic and system's orientation and a good understanding of neurobiology. I was trained early on in the treatment of trauma, and I am now also trained in EMDR, a trauma treatment with very good outcomes that can be utilized to address other presenting problems, as well. I am currently working toward EMDRIA certification in EMDR.

I really do enjoy my work and feel privileged to do what I do. I delight in the spontaneity and energy of children, respect the struggles of parenting, truly enjoy the adolescent quest, and find purpose in helping adults build greater meaning and fulfillment in life.

Please contact me at our clinic voicemail at: 608-255-9119 Ext. 22, or you can click the button below to email me.

Please be aware email is not a secure form of communication and therefore confidentiality cannot be ensured.

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