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Online Therapy - Now Available!   Psychology Associates, LLP - Madison, WI 


         Psychology Associate, LLP is set up with the technological infrastructure for Online Counseling and Tele-Mental Health Sessions so that we may provide HIPAA compliant video sessions, as well as HIPAA compliant phone sessions.  Many times 

(but not all) it is covered by the major health insurance carriers in the Madison WI area.   

Online Therapy, Online Counseling, Tele-Mental Health Sessions, Tele-Health Counseling, Zoom Therapy session, Skype Psychotherapy, Zoom Counselor, Skype Psychologist, are all terms that will help you find an internet Mental Health provider.  Our clinic has video session counseling with a video session therapist, or we can accommodate your need with a phone therapist, or an online psychologist Madison WI.  If you want an online counselor Madison WI, Online Therapist Madison WI, or Internet Therapy Sessions Madison WI, one of our therapists can help respond to your call or email.  Please call our clinic number (608)255-9119 to  find remote counseling sessions and remote psychotherapy sessions. We are happy to serve our community during the COVID-19 Pandemic with your  Tele-health, or Tele-Mental Health needs.  

We also have several Online Psychologist Madison WI that will help you with counseling that provides internet therapy sessions Madison WI.  We can help you get into the right video session for remote counseling or find a phone session therapist. 

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