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Psychotherapy is our page to help you understand the psychotherapeutic process and how it can really make a difference to have a therapist who has actually training above and beyond the standard licensing  requirements to just be a counselor.  

     Here at Psychology Associates of Madison our therapists are also psychotherapists. What makes the psychotherapists you might ask?   They all will help you dig deeper than just immediate solutions to immediate problems.  Our clinicians have had specialized training in Internal Family Systems, Expressive Arts Therapy, Nature-Assisted Therapy, Jungian Analysis, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Play Therapy.  These specializations give more depth of training that consider overall psychological patterns. This overarching pattern investigation many times takes longer and is what is the tell tale sign of psychotherapy.  

    When considering Psychotherapy you might ask yourself.  Do I have the dedicated time to give to the psychotherapy process as more sessions may be needed than in counseling that is focused on one single problems and coming up with a solution. Therapies such as those that are more focused might be more cognitive, behavioral therapies in their focus.  

     Our Psychotherapists are trained, caring and can deliver psychotherapy in a very in depth way. We welcome your questions. Please call us today (608) 255-9119.