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Tele-Mental Health Sessions

As a clinic, Psychology Associates, LLP had been working diligently to get concrete answers from insurance providers as to the coverage for Tele-health if they will allow for Tele-Mental Health Sessions. Here is what we have found out so far:

DISCLAIMER: This information is what we have been told from insurance companies. However, we are not able to guarantee this information because we are to your insurance provider. For confirmation each client should contact their insurance company to get verification of benefits. 

Quartz Insurance:       Quartz has informed us that members are covered. They have also reassured us that as per our contract as providers we are authorized to do tele-health as providers of tele-mental health sessions, for both Video Sessions and Phone Sessions. 

BCBS:  Blue Cross Blue Shield has also reassured us of the same information as above, members are covered, and Psychology Associates, LLP is an approved provide for Tele-health and Tele-Mental Health sessions. 

Dean: If you were using Dean Health Plan to attend sessions at Psychology Associates, LLP the benefits your were using were Out-of-Network. Dean has informed us that Out-of-Network Benefits WILL NOT COVER Tele-health, nor will they cover Tele-Mental Health Sessions. 

The Alliance:  We do not have definitive answers at this time. We have heard that most likely insurance companies covered under The Alliance will follow suite with what Quartz is doing for the pandemic. However, there is not guarantee.  The Alliance works with  many small insurance companies and private insurers.  Some of these private insurers are through employers and you may need to check with you Human Resources Department to see if it will be covered. 

GHC:  We are still working on finding out definitive answers from GHC. 

Start Tele-Mental Health Sessions Today ! 

Psychology Associates, LLP in Madison WI, is an approved provider for Tele-health and Tele-Mental Health Sessions, for Quartz and BCBS. In this time of social distancing many are expereiencing anxiety, depressions, and counseling is something that would be an understandable option.  

We can provide psychotherapy, video therapy sessions, online therapy, online psychotherapy with an online counselor, or an online psychologist to help with any of your mental health needs for any COVID-19 Pandemic stress, so that you can find COVID-19 support and the pandemic support and help you need. 

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