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Alumni Therapists - Those no longer working at Psychology Associates

     Over the past 24 years of serving the Madison area, Psychology Associates of Madison has had a number of  therapists move on to other venues, and/or retire.  Here's a list of those that no longer work out of our office: 

Wendy Alettha, M.A. LCSW, Nature-Assisted Therapy 

      Wendy has been a long-time member of Psychology Associates of Madison. As of September 1, 2016, she is semi-retired, and still sees a few long time clients. 

Dr. Harvey Honig, PhD., Jungian Analyst

      Harvey was one of the founding members of Psychology Associates back in 1991. In October of 2015, he retired from the field of psychotherapy.  He is no longer seeing clients, nor is he accepting new patients.

Dr. Elizabeth Lindner, PhD., APNP

     Dr. Lindner has not been with Psychology Associates for a numbers years. Calling the Psychology Associates office number will not result in contacting Dr. Lindner as she no longer has voice mail on our phone. Please contact Dr. Elizabeth Lindner, PhD, APNP; by writing to her at:   802 W. Broadway, Suite 206, Monona, WI 53713; or by calling her at:  608-697-8530.

Sue Holsman - Retired Therapist