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NEW !   Eastside Madison Location

     In addition to our long time Olin Avenue location, Psychology Associates, LLP now has an additional location on the east side of Madison.  Addresses to both of our locations are listed below:  


     2010 Eastwood Drive, # 202, Madison, WI 53704 

     122 East Olin Avenue, # 220, Madison, WI 53713


     Our phone and fax number is still the same:  

                                                       see maps -->  

     (608) 255 - 9119  (24 hour voicemail)    

     Fax #  (608) 255 9219                


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Please note: E-mail is not a secure form of communication; confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

Anxiety Treatment here in Madison WI is at our clinic and so is Depression treatment here in at out Mental Health Madison WI, clinic. Our counsellors are seasoned and well trained in a variety of methods, and would also be considered psychotherapist as they do depth work.  We are a group of  the best counselors in Madison WI, which is the same as the best therapist in Madison WI doing counseling.and doing therapy. Our psychotherapy includes Brainspotting, EMDR Madison WI. We have a Psychologist who does ACT which is Acceptance and commitment therapy. This is a specially trained counsellor and this psychotherapy works well with eating disorders, or any issues of eating for comfort or shame.  And then there is the trauma work and traumatic stress work that can include historical trauma of Native American Indians, AIAN, and other group therapy. Veterans can get help with PTSD and Military as well through Internal Family Systems work, our IFS therapists Madison WI, and Jungian Analysis is effective counseling. You can Find a therapist here in Madison WI people, or find a psychologist  here with us.  If you have Anxiety or Depression in we can help you with psychotherapy, counseling or to find a Mental Health counselor.

   With many clients there can be old attachment wounds that create attachment related issues in their relationships.  Our counselors can help with any attachment issues, or attachment wounds.

We provide holistic therapy an alternative approach to psychotherapy and counseling. We are the, therapist Madison WI, that can help you cope with your mental health issues. 

Psychotherapy, Psychotherapist, you can find a therapist here at our clinic for both. For depression in madison wi, or anxiety in madison WI, even if there is an attachment issue.  our psychologist, can help. We want to be the  therapist in Madison WI, or the counselor in Madison WI, as an alternative, holistic therapy, for your Anxiety Disorder, or be your depression therapist.  We feel certain you will find, in our fold, the best therapists in Madison WI.