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Acceptance and Commitment Therapists

Seta Rusinak, Psy.D.

Bi-Lingual Tele-Mental Health

The Therapy Village 

Substance Abuse Treatment during COVID

The Therapy Village 

Brainspotting Therapist

Patti Bee, MS, LPC

Child & Family Therapist

Jennifer Campbell, Psy.D.

EMDR Therapist

Susan Hofer, MA, LPC

Wendy Upadhyay, Psy.D.

Jennifer Campbell, Psy.D.

IFS Therapists

Internal Family Systems

Therapy Model

Suzan McVicker, PhD, LPC

Patti Bee, MS, LPC

Former Therapists & Retired Therapists 




Books & ​Articles

Published by Therapists

Community Resources


Therapeutic Approaches


Therapist's Websites

Eastside Location 

     2010 Eastwood Drive, # 202, Madison, WI 53704    


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