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Acceptance and Commitment Therapists

Laura Clark, PsyD

Seta Rusinak, Psy.D.

Brainspotting Therapist

Patti Bee, MS, LPC

Child & Family Therapists

Audrey Thompson, MA, LPC

Jennifer Campbell, Psy.D.

EMDR Therapist

Susan Hofer, MA, LPC

Wendy Upadhyay, Psy.D.

Jennifer Campbell, Psy.D.

IFS Therapists

Internal Family Systems

Therapy Model

Suzan McVicker, PhD, LPC

Nancy Pullen, PhD, LPC

Patti Bee, MS, LPC

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NEW !   Eastside Madison Location

In addition to our long time Olin Avenue location, Psychology Associates, LLP now has an additional location on the east side of Madison. Addresses to both of our locations are listed below: 2010 Eastwood Drive, # 202, Madison, WI 53704

122 East Olin Avenue, # 220, Madison, WI 53713