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Depression Madison WI

If you feel you may be suffering from depression, or even if it is a mix of depression and anxiety, counseling and psychotherapy can help. Click on the button above to find a therapist, or a psychologist that can hep you with you depressed mood. 

 Depression is a mental health issue that is treatable. It is best to find a psychotherapist very familiar with Major Depressive Disorder. At our clinic, Psychology Associates of Madison, we have seasoned counsellors who use a number of therapy approaches to treat depression. A few of the main approaches used are Internal Family Systems, IFS, Jungian Analysis, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Nature-Assisted Therapy, as well as Play Therapy and Sand Tray work. We work with Children, Adolescents, College age and Graduate Students, as well as adults and older adults. We have Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and Counselors to help you with anxiety treatment and depression treatment.

Because of the extensive training our Depression Counsellors have had, they are able to refer to themselves as Depression Therapists as well as Depression Psychotherapists, and most certainly within the profession of Counseling, they would be considered Depression Counselors who are able to deliver mental health counseling.

If you are having symptoms such as a down in the dumps mood, or other mood shifts that leave you feeling blue, or sad, and you think that the frequency of the sadness is starting to feel depressed, than we can help you. Our Depression Therapists and Depression Counselors, are here to help you. They will use techniques that stem from the best psychology in the field to assist with you depressed mood and depressive thoughts, feelings, as well as depressive behaviors.

Depression can have a bio-chemical origin, or it could be due to some past trauma or abuse, it could also be stuck in the deep, sub-cortical brain. Whatever the cause, we have a variety of depression therapists that can treat your depression on all those levels. If you would like to speak to someone to get your questions answered about depression counseling at our mental health clinic, please call Psychology Associates of Madison, and one of our Depressions Psychotherapist will call you back to set up a free phone consultation.

Having the right Depression therapist can make all the difference and that is why we are willing to give you the free session so you can determine if the counselor you choose to talk to, is a good fit for your depression treatment needs.  

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