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Eating Disorder Links - online eating log that you can share with your therapist 

Veterans Links

Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014

This new law makes funds available to Veterans to use Non-VA Health Care Services, including Non-VA Mental Health Services, and have it paid for by the VA Hospital, with prior authorization, if you are a qualifying veteran and / or suffer from Veterans PTSD. 

Brainspotting Links

The Midwest Brainspotting Institute - Patti Bee is a member of the Midwest Brainspotting Institute that brings professional brainspotting trainings to Wisconsin

David Grand, Phd., is the Founder of Brainspotting. View his videos explaining Brainspotting below:

BOOK: Brainspotting: The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change, David Grand, PhD., Sounds True, Inc., Boulder, CO.

NEW ARTICLE: Brainspotting: Recruiting the midbrain for accessing and healing sensorimotor memories of traumatic activation. By David Grand, Phd, Founder of Brainspotting, & Frank Corrigan, Phd.

Youtube: David Grand - Brainspotting #1

Youtube: David Grand - Brainspotting #2

Youtube: David Grand - Brainspotting #3

Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed., is the originator of Resource Brainspotting and the entire field of Dissociation & Attachment work in Brainspotting. She teaches most of the Professional Training for Brainspotting Certification.

Robert Scaer, M.D., is a Trauma Neurologist and author of The Body Bears the Burden and The Trauma Spectrum. Both books are leading-edge information on emotional trauma, integrating perspectives form Neuro-psychology, Medical Neurology, and Trauma Theory. They address how Emotional Trauma becomes stuck in the nervous system and body, and how "Talk Therapy" alone will not heal it. Robert Scaer also endorses Brainspotting as one of the few therapies that will heal trauma and resolve it in the body.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) 

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Harvey Honig, PhD.

Suzan McVicker, M.A., LPC

Patti Bee,. M.S., LPC, NCC


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