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Psychology Madison WI

Psychology Madison WI can be looked at in differing ways. Here at Psychology Associates of Madison, we see it as the psychotherapy process, or similarly in the mental health process for personal growth. Psychology at a university could be as removed from personal growth by being experiments on monkeys. This is not at all our field of expertise at Psychology Associates of Madison, here in Madison Wisconsin. We are psychological counselors providing effective psychology counseling, for any psychological help you might need.

We are psychotherapists, Marriage Counselors, Mental Health Counselors, and Psychologists who use our professional training in Counseling Psychology to assist a person in whole person treatment of trauma, abuse or other mental health issues.

Psychology in a general definition is the study or endeavor to understand and help transform the psyche of a person so that is can better their life experience and personal outcomes. In simple terms Psychology could be seen as the pursuit of healing the mind in the pursuit of greater happiness in life. Here in a our mental health clinic we use Psychotherapy based on solid psychology counseling, in a "Whole Person Treatment Model," whereby we also integrate biological healing, spirituality, and relationships. We are trained psychology counselors, who may be a licensed psychologist or a psychotherapist. Either way we can help you with your psychological issue.  

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